Door on Red

Had a few things to do in town (sorry, city) and took the camera with me and kept my eyes open. A couple of old derelict windows and a splash of peeling colour caught my eye, but having finished my tasks I was a bit disappointed that nothing more jumped out at me. Still, I wasn’t going to get the camera out without a good reason. So I headed for the car to go home, back along by the docks. There on the other side of the dock road stood a pale wooden door set into a red wall. Not just a red wall, but one of peeling red paint on wood. Oh, heaven.

Of course there was a reason why I hadn’t seen it, it was right at the traffic lights and normally the view of the wall and door would be blocked by traffic, either waiting for the lights to turn from red to green or racing through before they changed. If I timed it right, I might just be able to get it car free and clear, an uninterrupted view as desired. The photograph below was the result and I hope my patience was rewarded with a decent image.

Dock Door on Red
Dock Door on Red

22 thoughts on “Door on Red

  1. Photography is really a talent. To know which photo is going to be adorable and which isn’t is a real talent in itself. I couldn’t have seen anything special about this door but the picture is amazing, I mean it.


    1. Thank you so much once more Bur911, your comments are really appreciated. I think that is where no matter how expensive kit you may have, if you can’t see the picture then it is a bit wasted. Enjoy the weekend, MM πŸ€


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