Seaside Pastel

The Hound was running back and forth over the wet sand between myself and the Wife, when I spotted a barely discernible reflection in the water left by the retreating tide. It was full of soft pastel colours, but the bright light mean’t that doing any justice to the scene was going to be very hard. Then there was a lively thump as salty wet paws hit my side and bits of sand got showered over my arm. A few encouraging words and the Hound sprinted off again in the direction from which he came.

He would soon be turning back, so I had to be quick. I tried looking at different height angles but none seemed right. The Hound was returning so I took some shots more in hope than anything. Now when I got back and saw the pictures I was very disappointed at first, after all it looked like a baby had been sticking its fingers all over the camera lens. However, on closer inspection  the ‘smudges’ were simply bubbles at the edge of the water, shells in the sand and clouds upon clouds, so I decided they should stay.

Beach Pastel
Beach Pastel

Of course this does also raise the question of how much editing one should do, a question neatly raised by Smithies Shutter. In the end I feel the above image provides a peaceful view in contrast with yesterday’s post which was taken just a few seconds earlier.

6 thoughts on “Seaside Pastel

  1. Looks like a very difficult photo to take, MM. The reflection looks good and the resulting horizon is at just the right place in the frame (in my opinion).

    Not sure if it’s my computer monitor in the dim evening light, but perhaps a bit more exposure (or light)?

    I’ll have a look again in the morning – the natural light over my desk & computer is better then. I often get caught out judging exposure with my desk lamp on my own photos when I review them at night. (which reminds me, I should always review photos in the morning light and that includes looking at fellow blogger’s posts – lol).

    I wish I could get down low enough to take a similar shot down the beach.


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