Action at the Beach

These shots were taken on Sunday 8th December down at Garretstown, a beach not too far from Kinsale on the Cork coast. It is a great sandy beach and the Hound just loves to stretch his legs on both the beach and the walk along the top of the cliffs. Black choughs with bright red bills wheeled at the cliff edge, while kite-surfers harnessed the same wind to fly along the water and leap into the air. If it is action you are looking for, then just head on down to Garretstown, County Cork.

Kite Surfing at Garretstown, Co. Cork
Kite Surfing at Garretstown, Co. Cork
BW Using the wind
Harnessing the Wind

Unfortunately with The Hound running after anything that moved and the wife keen on a brisk walk to keep warm, there wasn’t really time for photography, just a few quick snaps.

18 thoughts on “Action at the Beach

  1. Love the monochrome look to these, well done. Its a hard task capturing these Kite Surfers as sometimes they can reach high speeds and perform sudden turns without notice, you have done well to catch these.


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