Back to the Summer

In the summer we met up with family and had a week on the Dorset coast in England. One great thing about that part of the world is that there are a myriad of footpaths to explore and of course some of those along the cliffs provide breathtaking views. Here the Hound has a moment to relax and pause, tempted by yet another titbit.

Dorset Coast
Dorset Coast

Having to dig into the archive today as trying to sort out calendars and other stuff for Christmas.

43 thoughts on “Back to the Summer

    1. Well that is the wife and our dog, but he is just a softie. The ether day I put down his food was doing another job and turned round to see him sat still waiting for me to say “good boy” in order to eat from the bowl. Bless


  1. Wonderful picture MM ! Looked a great day for being up on the cliff top there . .. is that looking towards Golden Cap ?? I’m squinting hard πŸ˜‰


    1. Very close, We’d just been up Golden Cap and headed East down to a hamlet with pub then up the other side. That Hamlet is behind me and the image is looking easterly along the coast. Hope that makes sense. 😎


      1. It’s the quality of everything there. The sky, the interaction between the woman and the dog. The greenery behind, the coastline going round into the distance, the shadows from the clouds. It is just … magnificent


  2. Beautiful capture, Mick! When I see a dog in a photo, I’m glued to the screen. πŸ™‚ Such Beauties – both of them!
    I have never been to Dorset, but I do look forward to see more of England.
    Right now i’m planning a roundtrip in Ireland with Klausbernd, his sister and the bookfayries. I love Ireland, it makes so much fun!
    Love, Dina


      1. Think I’ve just jammed your comment section on your post Last of the Leaves. I also think I’ve just sent you my entire media library in my inept yet dim attempt to send you watercolour jpg. I’m “stuck” in comments. Save me?
        And, if indeed, I’ve sent you my media library please forgive….and delete!!


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