Gougane Barra Church

On Friday I posted an image of the lough at Gougane Barra. Having shown you the view from where the church lies, being a Sunday I now include an image of the well known church. As I am sure you can imagine, this makes a wondrous place to get married.


Another picture from the archives as I have been busy of late.

45 thoughts on “Gougane Barra Church

  1. Beautiful shot. Easy to see why people love getting married in this church. Such a magnificent setting.


      1. Very good, I have been in Amsterdam, a great city with hurricanes, winds, rains and snow, jajaja… πŸ˜‰ But they have been a wonderful holidays…
        (Sorry about my english, itΒ΄s not very good…)


      2. I agree, a great place – loved cycling around the city – way to go. πŸ€ (oh and your English is fine,no worries. you taking time out to comment is great. Simple.)


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