Beauty in Death

A couple of weeks back I posted an image of a leaf stuck to the skylight, together with verse  – See Leaf on the Skylight.  For that post I managed to get the contrasting blue sky in the background. In the shot below I managed to get better detail but the compromise was the rather washed out background colour that the grey clouds provided. Hopefully you will appreciate this image for the additional detail shown, including the red stab wounds and the leaching of the green colour.

The Slain Leaf
The Slain Leaf

Have a great weekend.

22 thoughts on “Beauty in Death

  1. I was also expecting something tragic after reading the title… Glad there wasn’t anything like that here. 🙂 A beautiful shot with cool detail and colors! A good weekend to you too!


  2. This is beautiful – fragile, vulnerable like we all are. It’s weird too because I just posted a poem my Derek Mahon which ends, ‘I have been working for years/on a four-line poem/about the life of a leaf; I think it might come out right this winter.’


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