Gougane Barra Reflections

In thinking of Gougane Barra in County Cork, the image of the small church by the lough is what would typically come to mind. However, to fully admire the place one has to take in the surrounding countryside; Β waterfalls tumble down from the mountain slopes, streams make channels through the pines on the valley floor and sheep can be heard roaming the hills.

Go beyond the church and you will come across picnic tables set in amongst the pines and a number of different trails to explore.

Scenic Gougane Bara
Scenic Gougane Barra

This image is taken from just by the church looking up into the hills at the end of the valley. Many times I have been here and the wind has been whistling through, roughing the water, but on this occasion all was still and the water of the lough was a perfect mirror .

63 thoughts on “Gougane Barra Reflections

  1. Beautiful reflection, MM.
    It’s not often one gets those picture-perfect days on the water.
    I like where you’ve set the lake bank in the frame.


    1. Cheers Vicki, I did struggle to find the right place to get the picture and the right foreground but think I got there in the end. Many thanks for all your comments, they are so appreciated, MM πŸ€


  2. Hi Mick…sorry, don’t get much time to visit your blog, but had to comment on this glorious photo. Not just that, though, the picture is made by the mist, that gives some separation to the background. An ideal location to experiment with HDR, maybe?


      1. No, I’m in Bonn right, only half as stormy as in Norfolk. It hit HH and the North of Germany fiercely, though.
        It’s snowing right now! πŸ™‚
        Big hug


      1. Will give a shout-out! MM, thank you so much. This has been a fun collaboration. Now to write a suitable text….

        Also, reading with interest your “bust-a-move” on new career. University graduate school professor’s wise words to a small group of [us] art students: “You make your own opportunities.” Carry on…….


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