A Winter Bouquet – A Different Kind of Award

Over the last three weeks I have been attending a course in Cork City on running your own business. With there being relatively few jobs in the tourism sector, I thought that at least I should understand what may be involved, should I think seriously abut such a venture. I have to say it was a great, if somewhat intense course, that was put on by Cork City Enterprise Board and one of the benefits was meeting other individuals all at varying stages of development. It was great to share experiences and thoughts and to be amid such positive energy.

One of these individuals was looking to follow her dream of growing her own flowers and using these, when freshly cut, to make natural flower arrangements and bouquets. As each would be fresh they would not only reflect the season of the year, but be eco-friendly as they are not leaving a jet trail behind them.

But what of winter?  Last Saturday on the final day of the course we got our answer, when Anne provided  us with a bouquet each. It was like receiving an award just for attending the course – it was brilliant. To me this bouquet spelt out mulled wine, open fires, Christmas, scarves and gloves, mince pies and all that winter should be. I include a couple of images of the bouquet and you can judge for yourself, though please be gentle on my non-existent flower arranging skills as I simply took out the bouquet from its wrapping and placed them in a vase – no preening or arrangement going on.  Also included in the images are close-up detail shots, just click to enlarge if you wish.

Anne is working on her plan, but my advice would be to watch out for “Wild Bunches” in 2014 and presently the best way to do that is to check out Wild Bunches’ Facebook Page. You can use this link to see more of her work,  to contact Anne directly or simply to ‘like’ what she is doing.   Good luck Anne, you rock.

(ps you may have noticed that my watermark has changed for these latest photos – you will soon find out why)

39 thoughts on “A Winter Bouquet – A Different Kind of Award

  1. Great post I am interested in the course you did. I would lime to relocate my leather business to cork. what is the job market like at the moment?


  2. quel bouquet magnifique… I love wild flowers! 🙂 Have a relaxing, positive, optimistic weekend! My very best and respectful regards, Mélanie – Toulouse, France.


  3. I think that’s a great idea. We are blessed in this day and age to have more of what we want, even when it has to get a long way to reach us (or for us to go to it). And of course I wouldn’t change that.

    But I think Anne is onto something here. The flipside of being able to get the world’s “greatest hits” is that we have lost something of the art of celebrating what’s unique about the place and time we’re in. Anne’s winter bouquet helps do just that.


  4. Exciting times! You will always be MM for me. You are totally doing the right thing. It’s the best thing possible to use your talents in your day job! I wish you well and hope that whatever you have planned is a great success. P 🙂


  5. Gorgeous flowers – totally December. All the very best with your future in self-employment. I’m a great believer in people achieving what they want when they try hard enough. We’re all behind you as you can see from the comments and look forward to hearing more news.


  6. I did notice, Mr. Grant! Wow, I’m sure Anne will succeed – absolutely gorgeous (and you put ’em in the vase quite nicely, for an “amateur”!
    So nice to see the handsome face that belongs to the fabulous photographer we’ve learnt to love!


    1. Yes I do and thank you so much for your uplifting comments. Am just learning how to use Lightroom in order to get rid of flaws and marks, but am enjoying it. I use my desk as the “studio” for some close up shots so I can control the light better. Thanks once more and have a great day, MM 🍀


      1. You’re doing such a great job, trust me. Too many others call themselves photographers but you are a real one. Take more pictures of the rain and snow and I’ll be your best fan ever. By the way, it’s not a comment, it’s merely the truth. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comments Jean. Anne is very hardworking and simply wants to provide beautiful creations – nothing better than a happy customer for her. She deserves the support she gets. MM 🍀


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