Lines, Curves and Broken Glass

Down at the docks on Kennedy Quay in Cork lies the old brick Odlum’s building. It faces north so hardly gets any sun and especially so at this time of year. As a result, it is all too easy for this red brick building to go unnoticed. It’s a shame really as up close the building is a bit of a gem, despite falling into a bit of disrepair as you can see by the image below.

Lines, Curves and Broken Glass
Lines, Curves and Broken Glass

Hopefully you may also appreciate an oft overlooked building here in Cork.

16 thoughts on “Lines, Curves and Broken Glass

  1. Such a Shame to think that this building is going to be demolished
    Do the planning authority have any sense of what this building represents both architecturally but also historically.

    People of cork I am asking you to join with me to protect this beautiful building that has endless potential


    1. If this building is to be demolished it is a tragedy. It should not happen – at least part of the facade should be retained IMHO. What is happening with the site Mick?

      MM πŸ€


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