And the Answer is……

salt, as correctly guessed by Vicki all the way down there in Melbourne. If this doesn’t mean anything, just pop on over to ‘A Sign of Snow?’. Two years ago we got a bit more snow and ice than we are used to in the temperate climate of the South West of Ireland. The council ran out of salt to grit the roads and pathways. Down at Cork’s docks just a few days ago, salt was being off loaded from a cargo vessel and transferred to waiting trucks.

The Relaese
The Release

So perhaps the imitation snow depicted in ‘A Sign of Snow?‘ may be a sign that the genuine article may be on its way this winter. Personally, I love a bit of snow. ⛄️

11 thoughts on “And the Answer is……

  1. The guess was an easy one for I was in the UK in the winter of 1978/79 and snow fell in London and actually stayed on the ground. I took my employer’s car out and crazily skidded around trying to drive on the icy road. The council had gone on strike, (or something like that), and hadn’t salted the roads until a few days later. I’d never heard of laying salt to give the tyres a good grip until that time I lived in London.


      1. Haaha, I could start my own town….with loads of salt supplies…lol. But I do think about the collective 11 grandkids funds to find a really good nursing home for Nana :p


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