Careers Crossroads

So here we stand at the crossroads, looking at which road to choose to go down. As I stop at the roadside it would be all too easy  to just pull back out onto the main road and continue to head in the same direction. It is after all a road I know well and seems pretty popular. But where is it going? More importantly, where do I want to go?

The Highway

Very basic questions and I am glad to have the opportunity to revisit them. When travelling, there almost seemed to be a competition to see who could find the narrowest road with the most grass going in the middle, in other words the road less travelled. So having done my analysis it seems that this is the road I should take, away from the highway.


Trapped by Fuchsia
Trapped by Fuchsia

I have spoken to recruitment agencies who simply shake their heads and say they haven’t seen job vacancies in this area for a good while. I have no direct experience in the field, nor do I have a related professional qualification and the major backer (the Government)  has a moratorium on employment.  It almost sounds like I should simply look down the track wistfully and move on to find another road.

However, there are good reasons to press on:

  • I want to work in an area that interests me and for which I have a passion
  • I know I can make a difference
  • I have many skills that are transferrable and get on well with people
  • People who know me well think it is the right choice (while this is not essential, it is good to receive)
So there we have it, the sector I would love to be involved in is the Travel and Tourism Sector and that is the road I will head down. It will be tough, there will be setbacks on the way, but I have the drive and passion to succeed. The contact list is being compiled and we are now turning down that little side road with no satellite navigation on board.
The Scenic Route
The Scenic Route
Looking forward to the views, if not all of the ascents.

31 thoughts on “Careers Crossroads

  1. Oh boy, the cliches are coming thick and fast but here are two more: life isn’t a rehearsal, so follow your bliss! I’ve done it twice now and haven’t regretted a single step on that road. Has your car got loads of scratches on both sides btw?


  2. May I foat in your boat?:) I am somehow in the same situation… Did you ever try to create a travel agency? At least to see the expenses, rules, conditions? I’m just saying…Good luck!


  3. It’s always heart-warming to hear when someone decides to follow their passion instead of the maybe a safer choice. I’m so happy for you MM and wishing you all the best on your new road! Travel and tourism sounds great! 🙂


  4. Gosh, I have traveled down many roads, given up many well-paying, “secure” corporate jobs along the way. The last one was the most difficult as I was old and making a fair bit of money. Now I work as a tour guide but still changing course… steering away from other people’s tours to doing my own on my own terms… life is too short to procrastinate!


  5. Trapped by Fuchsia – love it. Much more colour and fun than the highway. We only have one life so its wonderful to smell the Fuchsia on the way 🙂 and you have buckets of transferable skills to succeed alongside that all important drive and passion. perfect mix!


  6. I wish you all the luck in the world, wherever in the world this takes you! Never mind the ascents–hard as they may be, they’ll always be better than a *de*scent. 😉 With your heart and mind in it, I trust that you’ll find your way up wonderfully, and your attentive eye will lend itself well to your seeing opportunities and beauties worth the effort. I’ll cheer you on, Mick.


  7. Blessings from someone who changed careers in her late 40s and who is finally doing what she was born to do. “Where your passion meets the needs of the world” is where each of us belongs – go for it, MM, and don’t get discouraged. Have faith in the process that the right position and opportunity will present itself to you when the time is right because your intention is pure, with the desire to make a positive difference. If you ever need a pep talk, I’ll be there for you. Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Good luck!


  8. Good luck, Mick! 22 years ago we did a relatively scary thing when we came to Somerset to run a vineyard! Then took a different tack after about 12 years and started converting the buildings to businesses. Don’t charge loads of rent but there are 9 different businesses her who seem to love working here. You regret what you don’t do more than what almost any decision to do something.


    1. Thanks Frank, really appreciated and spot on. Frank, are you aware that when I try to click the link by your name it has the layout of your site but then says “nothing can be found!”. Not sure what is going on….MM🍀


      1. Oh, Outpost Zulu is going to be my super fabulous neato keeno blog someday when I grow tired of drinking beer and philosophizing on other people’s blogs and actually get down to populating it Mick.


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