A Sign of Snow?

More images from down at the docks where I managed to get signs of snow. However, not all is as it seems so I would ask you all to have a guess at what is depicted in the images. The answer will be published later in the day with a tell-tale image that will give it all away.

I firmly do believe it is a sign of wintry weather.

8 thoughts on “A Sign of Snow?

  1. Are you referring to the white stuff? I’ve only seen snow in real life once, and it looked nothing like that and if you didn’t mention snow it wouldn’t be in my mind. But I don’t know the weather of Cork or other snowy places, so I guess I’ll have to wait for the mystery to unravel. Anyway, I love all the patterns in your last few photos, you are pretty handy with a camera.


      1. I have had the most amazing day, Mick. All the better for having you in it. When I am done with all the words then your lovely photos appear in my reader and I am back to peace again. It’s a delightful trick of timezones and your eye for what is worth seeing. The weekend has worked out perfectly.


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