Back of the Docks

After the barrels I headed over to the sunny side of the street, away from the River Lee and into the blocks of warehouses that populate the area. The old stone buildings ooze character and history when compared to the more modern warehouse constructions. It was on the back of one of these old stone walls that a cracked, antique looking Victorian drainpipe, surrounded by ferns, caught my eye. It was also catching the low sun, so off I went to work with the camera.

Drainpipe & Ferns
Drainpipe & Ferns

Often when I am not looking for anything in particular I find that I can be most rewarded. Hope you like it too.

20 thoughts on “Back of the Docks

  1. I got the best deal–didn’t even have to go looking far to be rewarded with *your* work! Great shot, Mick. The drainpipe looks a lot like a peeling birch trunk, especially when embedded in greenery like this. Nice bit of nature-made trompe l’oeil!


  2. It must be inspiring to be around all of this beauty every day. When I finally make it to Ireland, maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee. It would be great to get an insider’s scoop on one of the most beautiful places in the world πŸ™‚


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