Last of the Leaves

On ย my walk down by the docks it was around the back that I stumbled across some fairly plain sights, but ones that nonetheless displayed their own beauty. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Last of the Leaves
Last of the Leaves

62 thoughts on “Last of the Leaves

  1. Watercolour Last Leafs.jpg

    MM, I’m not sure if my watercolour rendition of your beautiful “Last of the Leaves” is going to do justice with the artistry of your photography skills. I was going to post it but decided…that since we are well into freezing temps. (here) and snow predicted here today…dispensing with the beauty of fall would be…moot! If my jpeg doesn’t get to you I’ll have to email it to you so my gift of sharing is just that…a gift of sharing. Jots


    1. Ah Toulouse. I just love San Sebastien over the border in Northern Spain and love the mountains of the Pyrenees, but never been to Toulouse (yet). Greetings to you Melanie and have a great week. Bisous de Cork, ๐Ÿ€


  2. The contrasting colors are striking but when you look a little bit longer, you see that the pattern on the background where the blue is peeling off sort of creates another pattern that nicely complements the leaves. Really lovely composition.


    1. But then we wouldn’t see these wonderful trees naked, all twisted and nor would we have the new bright green shoots each spring. The changes are great IMO. Thanks for popping over GatorWoman and have a good weekend. MM ๐Ÿ€


      1. Yes, that hand was mine. Didn’t think you were able to see me at the back of the room, slouched down at my desk. In my best Jots whisper voice…I would like to print that photo “out” and see what I can do, but would like your permission, please?


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