Something Different

This post is somewhat different to the recent images of the golden hues of Autumn. Instead I give you the cold, hard metal surface of kegs, waiting on the dockside in Cork before moving on to their next destination. Were they full, were they empty? I have no idea, but just may be this is part of a Christmas order. Incidentally, this is a colour image – look carefully!

Roll Out the Barrels
Roll Out the Barrels

This photograph was taken following a lunch with a friend. Knowing the dockside was close by, I took the camera with me. I knew that most of the dockside would be in shadow given the winter sun is low in the sky, but managed to find a few worthwhile shots. In the next few days I hope to show you more from this amble. There’s always something if you look.

26 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Love this! The little touches of colour are so subtle (and yes, good thing you told us what it was, though our imaginations did get a chance to go a little wild for a bit there!)


  2. There’re so many great photo objects to find in your own close surroundings and your shot surely underlines it. Very interesting capture, lightning and mood. I don’t think I’d guessed what it is, this is really great!
    Have a lovely day, MM.
    Best regards,


  3. Nice one. I never would have guessed what they were if you hadn’t told me.
    Like the B & W (plus green background).


  4. This capture really caught my eye Mick! I just love love love it –
    I could not make it out -which is always a wee trap for me to fall into (curious little female that I am!)
    And then to hear and then SEE what the picture held was pretty cool OK πŸ˜€
    It actually really made me feel that cold shadowy hidden away kinda of feeling that winter brings.


    1. That is brilliant to hear, great to get your feedback. I took the shot because of the cold texture, patterns and shadows. However, I was surprised at the total lack of colour. So glad that you liked it too. MM πŸ€


  5. That got me thinking – didn’t know anything was exported from Cork by sea but…..”€9 billion worth of Irish food and drink was exported last year, beating all previous records”. Just shows what I know πŸ™‚


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