Shaggy Ink Cap – Quarry revisited

Taking the path into the quarry, it climbs slightly through a thicket of trees to reach a small clearing where foxes sometimes bathe in the morning sun. On this path through the thicket, the leaves were turning to mulch with each foot that bore down. There to the side of the path stood a group of Shaggy Ink Cap, tightly bunched – a fungi wood on the thicket floor.


In my nature book they are described as “at first egg-shaped and whitish with shaggy fibres, shrouds stem. Expands with age and, together with gills, blackens and liquifies*”. As I was taking pictures of this species in its latter stages I was lucky enough to stumble upon a new set of this fungi in its early egg like stage. So here are images of the Shaggy Ink Cap.

The Egg Stage
The Egg Stage
Black and Oozing
Black and Oozing

* Complete British Wildlife by Paul Sterry

14 thoughts on “Shaggy Ink Cap – Quarry revisited

  1. Love the photos and the angle you took them from MM! It’s cool how you can see the texture of those Ink Caps, the sharpness on those cap edges. The slightly muddy leaves on the ground give a great Autumn forest mood. Close ups like these are the best!


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