The Quarry’s Many Zoned Polypore

It sounds kind of exotic, but the reality is this fungus is dead common and I can vouch for the fact that it is alive and well enjoying life in the bowl of the quarry. Growing up the flank of this old tree, the fungi almost appeared to be providing steps along its limbs. Take a look and see for yourself.

Locked On
Locked On
Petals on the Trunk
Petals on the Trunk

Stairs on a Limb

19 thoughts on “The Quarry’s Many Zoned Polypore

    1. I hadn’t been in the quarry for a long time so went in with The Hound. On noting the Fungi I returned the next fine day armed with a camera to capture the beauty I had seen. Glad you seem to think that I have done it justice. MM πŸ€ (do not believe they are edible but am no expert)


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