Beauty in Weeds – The Quarry revisited

It’s been a while since I have been down in the quarry and now that autumn is turning into winter I thought I should go and see what may now lie in wait for us. Before too long that dreaded invasive Japanese Knotwood will lose its leaves and the stalks will die back once more, the plant lying dormant ready for a renewed attack in spring.

I was almost looking forward to the withering back of this pest and seeing it crumble to the ground, but then as I left the open clearing I saw the light shining through the now yellow leaves of the Knotweed. Even this notable enemy has beauty (though of course one moment of brilliance has not persuaded me to forgive all of its ills).

So here is the beauty in the weed:

Beautiful Knotweed
Beautiful Knotweed

14 thoughts on “Beauty in Weeds – The Quarry revisited

  1. So you have Japanese Knotweed invasion, too. Did you know it was edible? The young shoots can be prepared like asparagus or be turned into a rhubarb like jam. Lots of “weeds” are highly nutritious – eating them is so much better than spraying them with Round-up or some other toxin. Dandelions, violets, clover, Lambsquarter, mustard garlic… much wild abundance!


  2. It’s all in how you approach nature. Some of the prettiest plants are weeds that have invasive growth habits or noxious qualities that make them unfit for our gardens.


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