Kerry Deluge

This image takes us back to 2007, taken in Kerry while heading to Dingle to meet up with some good friends. The combination of the mountains, proximity to the coast and the roaring Atlantic Ocean means that the weather in these parts can change very, very quickly. Except for the fact that the sun is relatively high in the sky, it would be difficult to tell in which season the photo was taken. As it is, I think we have winter and summer in the one shot, though winter seems to have the upper hand.

Kerry Deluge
Kerry Deluge

May the sun shine on you this weekend, regardless of the weather outside the window.

17 thoughts on “Kerry Deluge

      1. Indeed. ‘Tis a most dreary day here today – however I promised someone a picture of a promenade so hopefully the rain will stay away whilst I search for the perfect spot!


      1. Today it feels like spring!!!! 16 degrees and the sun is shining……very strange weather. But they say a storm from England is expecting…
        Have a nice sunday! 🙂


      2. The tail end of the storm is still passing us here, but the sun does keep breaking out in defiance. Stoprm or no storm, temperatures are still very mild. Enjoy your Sunday too. MM 💚


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