Weekend of Jazz

The last weekend in October is normally Jazz Weekend in Cork so I hit the streets of Cork on Friday afternoon hoping to catch a few early arrivals on the street. Fortunately for me there was a German group called ‘Beat ‘n Blow’ that stood out as a result of their yellow T-shirts and glistening instruments. A bit of messing around for a photographer and they headed off for an impromptu gig on Oliver Plunkett Street. Here are some quick shots from Friday, needless to say there are plenty more on the card.

Hopefully I have captured some of the atmosphere for you. Cork Jazz weekend happens every year at the end of October.

16 thoughts on “Weekend of Jazz

  1. Your photo – Attracting Attention – is absolutely glorious! You have visually captured ‘cacophony’. I think it is brilliant. One little question, did it take much persuasion to get the shots?


    1. Sorry, yet to answer your question – there was a press photographer there so I just took shots from a different angle to him, so no problem in the shooting (other than not to annoy the real photographer by getting in the way!).


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