New York Brass Band in Cork Jazz Festival

The New York Brass Band played right in front of the Cork Opera House this Saturday afternoon,  while Nile Rodgers was due to enter the Opera House itself. Well there is a catch, as we found out from the sousaphone player who introduced the band in a strong northern accent, “We are a new band from York in the north of England”.

One of their claims to fame seems to be that they have been banned from busking the streets of that same city as  a result of being too loud. Here in Cork they got a good reception and entertained all that came, big and small.

I am advised they are playing in the River Lee Hotel on both Sunday and Monday. They will definitely entertain. Other acts to be found include Courtney Pine, Primal Scream and Glen Hansard. For full details check out Cork Jazz.

Such was the enthusiasm of this group that they began to play on the paved area in front of the stage while technicians worked on setting the stage up, following the close of the previous act (see last photograph). More to come from the Cork Jazz weekend!

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