Coronation Street in Cork

Thanks to my Wife I have the ability to know what Coronation Street looks like, though I hardly claim this to be a pleasure. Here in Cork, in finding myself away from the usual places I know, I came across Cork’s very own rendition of Coronation Street, a little down from Collins’ Barracks on the Hill above McCurtain Street.

While the position also afforded some great views of Shandon and the old Murphy’s Brewery, alas the conditions were not in favour of stunning photography. So here are a few photos of the red-brick street, steps leading down to the Mallow Road and a view of rooftops and the spires of St Finbarr’s Cathedral. It was at the top of the steps that the post Cork Feline was taken and by the wall were the teasels.

It’s great to get lost.

25 thoughts on “Coronation Street in Cork

  1. lovely pictures, my son lived near one of these narrow streets a few years ago, lovely to look at but a nightmare for parking on, the wing mirrors were regularly hanging off from cars having to come too close!


  2. Aah memories….that street would be off Military Hill,if I am not mistaken ? The steep steps are down the side of what we use to call Bell’s Field at the top of Patrick’s Hill ? I use to play around Bell’s Field as a child as I lived on McCurtain Street for 2 years, in my grandmother’s bar..Roches Bar ! Feel free to correct me if I am wrong 😉


    1. It’s not Military Hill, but just below Audley Place. The Red Brick Street is Rathmore Place while the steps lead down from Shandon Court to the Mallow Road almost opposite the Heineken brewery gates. Enjoy the weekend. MM 🍀


  3. Your pics makes me want to travel and see this IRL!!!
    have a great weekend, Mick! ( and say hi to your wife from Sweden! )


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