Field of Thorns

Well this got the Hound hopping and he did not wish to mess with those prickly orbs. Just shows how clever nature can be at protecting its own.

On the way to the post box the sun was shining and a few shots were taken of these autumnal gifts. With the letter safely posted, the heavens literally opened. Five minutes later, the sun was shining once more and the fruit now had added sparkle.

So from a very changeable day I bring you Sweet Chestnuts, before and after the rain.

I hope by now you are not sick of the autumn fruits, but I think nature can be just amazing.

25 thoughts on “Field of Thorns

    1. Canon 550d with the 100mm Macro lens. πŸ˜€ On this occasion I remembered the chestnuts and just thought the macro lens would be best to pick up the detail so only took the one lens. πŸ€


    1. No, thank you for taking time to stop, like and comment as well. It is so appreciated and glad to know that you like it. If I had no feedback I wouldn’t have a clue what people liked and didn’t like. So thank YOU, MM πŸ€


  1. The shots of the raindrops on the chestnuts are amazing, MM! What your nature pictures have done for me is to make me appreciate everything in the outside world so much more — to find beauty in the smallest things. I usually concentrate so much on people that sometimes I forget nature, which is where my soul sings and finds refuge. Thank you.


    1. Yet you come across as someone who is so in touch with nature and the world. What you have written is really satisfying as most of the time I don’t go out with a shot in mind but go and see what takes my fancy and most of the time it will be something small, ordinary yet beautiful. Realy good to hear you appreciate it Theresa. MM πŸ’š


      1. Wow – I come across as “someone so in touch with nature and the world…” What’s that saying – “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time?” I’m glad I sound like things are together – maybe I’ll dream that into reality! I enjoy the repartee across the ocean, MM. Be well.


  2. Sick of them? No way! You brighten up my every morning… I open up the computer looking forward to whatever delights you share!


  3. Mick, your pics are just Amazing- no we dont get sick of looking at your Beautiful pics!
    Keep posting them!
    Have a great thursday!


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