The WordPress Family Award

What a way to cheer up a saturated Sunday – to find that Michelle of ‘Tell Me About It‘  has nominated me for the WordPress Family Award and here it is in all its glory.


So thank you Michelle and to the founder of this award, Shaun. You can find out more on this award by clicking here. My interpretation is that it is an award to thank those that have provided warmth and encouragement to allow the blogger to express, to feel a warmth and to be oneself. In other words they feel like family.

Now I have a monumental list of  nominees but am only allowed to nominate 10 bloggers for this award. I have tried to mix up the  nominees by choosing some more recent liaisons with seasoned contacts, but please just accept that I cannot nominate you all.

1. Dana at Atlas Tracer

2. Dr IQ’s blog all the way from Pakistan

3. Theresa’s Soul Gatherings

4. Otrazhenie for observations

5. HastyWords for her verse and encouraging me to spout forth

6. Harsha’s glimpse into Assam

7. Swedish Views by inte fan gor det det

8. Elaine’s Random Thoughts

9. Silvia’s Buenos Aries blog and around Buenos Aries

10. Robin of Northumbrian Light (and other places too)

If I have nominated you but you do not accept awards, there is no issue in this and I trust you can accept the symbolism of the gesture.

🍀 Meticulous Mick 🍀

23 thoughts on “The WordPress Family Award

      1. Of course you won. You should add the award to your blog. Some people as it as a side bar. I simply added another page and called it awards. Very original I know. Well done Dana, go and celebrate. I will get back to you on the collaboration. MM 😀


  1. MM: Congratulations on this well-deserved award. Sending my blessings to you for including me in your nominations for this – I am honored to be part of the WordPress Family, and for getting to know folks like you.


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