Sunflowers – Part III

In the final part of the trilogy I turn the camera on the flower heads that are now bowed in the garden, surrendering themselves to the elements. The colour has largely drained from the petals as the flower head takes on a weeping appearance. While these no longer shine in the garden, there remains a beauty and peace in the decay. See what you think.

This series all started when there was a great response to my post “Tears and Sunshine” and I hope you enjoyed them all. Click on the links to see Sunflowers I and Sunflowers II .

23 thoughts on “Sunflowers – Part III

    1. Would you like to put some words to the middle one (my favourite) and put it on your own site? I would then include a link to highlight on my own blog, similar to other collaborations? MM 🍀


      1. Hi MM, it would be a lovely thing to do, thank you…or maybe a pastel painting? Work is taking over my life at the moment so I’ll see how things go over the next week or so and will let you know….


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