The Teasel

Last Thursday I went up to Collin’s Barracks on the north side of Cork. I marked the parking disc to note the time of arrival but on getting out of the car saw the barracks were closed. “Well that parking ticket was a complete waste of money”, I thought as I got back into the car and started the descent to the Mallow Road.

There it was right in front of me, standing silhouetted like I had never seen it before. Pulling the car over I realised the ticket may not go to complete waste. On stepping out of the car  another ditty was hammered out by a tourist having fun in St Anne’s Church, Shandon, the bells lolling around as if drunk.

I walked a little more, down some charming old red brick terrace that reminded me of towns in the north of England. A cat came out to curl its tail around my legs before deciding to rub against a nearby wall.  Well I will be back to that spot when the light is somewhat better to capture the view that I stumbled upon. For now here is a teasel that I spied below my lookout post, another reminder of the season we are in.


Getting lost and not going where one intended can have surprisingly good results. So go on, get lost this week.

17 thoughts on “The Teasel

  1. Ahhhh The joys of driving up the country and around unfamiliar roads. Not having a car these past 10 years is so limiting. I miss the pleasure of just heading out of the city for the day and finding myself in completely unfamiliar territory.


  2. I think this is exactly what I am going to do this weekend – thank you for the words of inspiration hehe – the Teasel is so perfect – it’s like it is saying – yes, no ticket goes wasted if you just open those eyes!


      1. Or without taking the first step how can you expect to find anything at all? or he that seeks shall find


  3. I had a post about this a little while back… Taking an unfamiliar road on my way to a definitive destination had me discovering an area of Montreal I’d never been to. I love, love, love taking a different path, wide open to new discoveries! Do continue to “get lost”!!!


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