A Dolphin with Periscopes

An interesting visitor to Cork, another dolphin. Well there have been dolphins recorded up here, but here I refer to the Dutch Submarine Dolfijn (Dolphin). Having heard it arrived at the end of last week and was tied up at Horgan’s Quay for a few days I had to check this sight out. I mean a sophisticated (non-nuclear) submarine right up in Cork City. So here are a few shots of this Dutch visitor that decided to surface and be in town for Cork Rebel Week.

In the background to some of the shots you can make out some old grain towers and the modern Elysian Tower.

Just down the quay was a Japanese fishing vessel to add to the international flavour.

11 thoughts on “A Dolphin with Periscopes

    1. Nichelle / Mick, you say the kindest of things and on top of that give me an award. Thank you. As for verse, do not see myself as a talent here but HastyWords has encouraged to expand my writing. Hence there are now 2Β½ poems with my credit attached to them on my blog. May be you fancy a collaboration? Once more, many thanks, MM πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ’š


    1. Thanks Joan. If was a lovelyAutumnal day but full of light showers too. Here the sun was completely in the wrong place but I did what I could with the materials available. Isn’t it so warm right now. MM πŸ€


  1. The thought of being in a submarine (when underwater) scares the bejesus out of me. I think the conditions must be pretty cramped and you can see how much the guy resting against the funnel (wrong word no doubt) is relishing the sun on his face. Love that last one!


    1. Thanks for commenting Safia. I was down below in one of these fish spotting vessels in the barrier reef which was brilliant. However, it wasn’t for hours on end, it was bright and we had lovely reefs and fish to see. Enjoy the weekend. MM πŸ€


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