Bright Green

Kicking ones feet through the leaves on the ground, a flurry of colours is showered around; oranges, yellows, browns, reds are all thrown forth. Yet looking into the leaves on the tree they seem to be defiantly green and lit by the lowering sun. It’s amazing how fresh, green and vibrant the leaves are just before they fall from grace. These photos were all taken on Friday 11th October in the local park, here in Cork.

18 thoughts on “Bright Green

  1. Over via Jots … Strange situation in SW Ohio as I’m seen may leaves falling as dried brown, thus not fall colors. Put that isn’t for all because some brilliant reds are present. … and still much green. Rain today and cool days ahead should accelerate change.


  2. Sorry for the late reply, but daughter calls every Monday, then as it was such a beautiful sunny day I washed the outside of the tunnel. πŸ™‚ I do love the way the sun reflects on those leaves. Some fallen but some still hanging in there, it’s like a middle transition of nature trying to hold on to summer, but knowing that autumn is here !


  3. Lovely! It always amazes me that whilst some leaves are done and are now coating the ground, others are just beginning to colour and still others refuse to give up the green! I SO love Autumn….


  4. Every year I am taken by *surprise* when autumn peeks and then peaks. We on-lookers just think we are in control…
    Portland is just beginning to colour. Our elms and oaks are just now beginning to do their fancy-dance of dressing up, and then dressing down.
    Beautiful touching your part of the world, MM, with eyes from afar.


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