Tears and Sunshine

Sometimes there is a lot of beauty to be had in decay. In this photograph we have an example of a flower beautifully alive, radiant and full of the colours of autumn. Another elder flower has long since past its glory days and yet there is a beauty in this expiring bloom, the way it weeps before it is completely no more. I hope you like the image and that you have had more sunshine than tears this weekend.

Sunshine & Tears
Tears and Sunshine

34 thoughts on “Tears and Sunshine

  1. This image is beautiful and inspiring and I did see the weeping for a brief moment. Now all I can see is mentor and pupil, child and grandparent. It seems as if when the rain falls, the water from the dying bloom will land on the young flower, they appear to be in relationship. No longer looking towards the sun, that time is past, the older flower droops it’s petals and ever so slightly, leans into the younger flower and it has more sunlight, more water available because of the way this flower is dying.


    1. Thank you Robyn. Personally I love the image and glad you like it too. What is great about art is that people can make their own interpretation. Your own certainly makes sense and underlines the ongoing cycle of death and birth and nurture. Thanks for commenting, you always have something thoughtful to say. Enjoy the weekend. MM πŸ€


    1. Thanks so much SF, I specialise in taking pictures of what I like, but that encompasses a lot! Thanks for coming over and having a trawl. Hopefully you will like my wee offering. MM πŸ€


  2. MM: You are a poet with words as well as the camera. “Sometimes there is a lot of beauty to be had in decay” and “there is a beauty in this expiring bloom, the way it weeps before it is completely no more..” Perhaps it weeps with joy, its end a begiining… Beautiful, my friend.


      1. Thank you so much Theresa, you are so supportive and it is great to see your name pop up. Personally I really like this post for the image and hope it climbs into my top ten. But then what do I know, I would like “Four Little Charmers” to be right up there but it keeps slipping out….MM πŸ€


    1. Had to use a really high ISO, but pretty much captured what I was trying to achieve. I really liked the combination and the crying flower in particular. Hope you are having a good weekend Wild Sherkin, MM πŸ€


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