The Summer that Was!

With the leaves floating down to the ground and seeds being spread, I thought I would remind you all of what a great summer we have had in these parts. The best summer I can recall for many a year.

This image was taken this summer and reflects the beach experience in a typical UK seaside town. The sandy beach is backed by a mini-fair, arcades of rattling and ringing machines, fish & chip shops, places to buy sticks of rock and a few bingo places. In addition, the striped decked chair is very much alive and well on the promenade at the back of the beach, though I am somewhat disappointed not to have captured the ubiquitous handkerchief on the head (note I was the other side of the camera lens).

Visiting Weymouth with the nephews was a real throwback to my own seaside visits when I was much, much younger.

Traditional UK Holiday Resort
Traditional UK Holiday Resort

I am pleased to say that the sun continues to shine here in Cork, though the temperatures have long since dived below what I consider swimmable.

15 thoughts on “The Summer that Was!

    1. Weymouth – the nephews wanted to go to a sandy beach and to be fair a town beach is not my scene but it worked out really well. Very gentle sloping (almost flat) so great for the kids. MM ๐Ÿ€


  1. Great pic, Mick! I miss summer already!
    Here we are expecting snow any day now. Just Heard about it on the radio… a Little bit too early for my taste!


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