Whether you are a man or a dog there is nothing quite like spending time with some good friends. In the eyes of The Hound everyone and every dog is ย a potential friend and, unless really bad vibes are given off, he normally adds to his friend quota. Even now, with a bucket on his head to stop him getting at a paw wound, he is full of bounce and cheer. With that attitude no wonder he has so many buddies wherever he goes.

Here is a handful of friends The Hound has acquired along the way. Hope you enjoy and here’s to making good friends.

14 thoughts on “Friends

      1. MM: It is 6:20 am here and I just got back from sailing around Sicily late last night, and I’d like you to know that you were the first person’s blog I started to catch up on. I hope The Hound is on the mend, but I must admit that the image of him with a bucket on his head makes me smile in the early morning…


      2. Yes, I would recommend it if you are a history and seafood lover. The cobblestone streets, the squares surrounded with soaring cathedrals, the Aeolian Islands with their volcanoes sputtering, all are lovely, but for some reason, the pictures in travel books seemed more beautiful than the in-person experience, which puzzled me. But yes to hearing more, along with pictures once they are sorted.


  1. ‘Tis true! Dogs are way more open to new adventures, aren’t they? Every”one” is a potential friend… We humans could sometimes learn from that!


    1. At the moment he is running around with a bucket on his head following a cut paw. He is such a love he even gives licks to the vet when he has a needle in hand! They love him in there and the park and…….Right now he is once more playing with our young Apprentice. MM ๐Ÿ€


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