Window on the World

High up in Blarney Castle a line of people waited to kiss the Blarney Stone. This particular window lies immediately below the the queue of visitors and can easily be missed as visitors walking away from the famed stone, no doubt looking to test whether the fabled qualities take place immediately. Now this weekend we had some Australian visitors in tow and for some reason they wanted to venture out and kiss this landmark. Β Seems to me a bit like selling coal to Newcastle, sand to the Arabs etc. Needless to say I could not notice any difference afterwards.

Window on the World
Window on the World

Well what ever you did this last weekend I hope you had plenty to talk about.

20 thoughts on “Window on the World

      1. Of course they are; I must be at least 30 years younger than you… [Now if I could only figure out how to put one of those winking smilies into this response…]


  1. Gorgeous, as per usual… You can bet that once i do make it to Ireland, I’ll be looking for your window – after i kiss the Stone, of course!


  2. Great photo! I don’t know what it is about the Blarney Stone but I had to kiss it too. Can’t say it did any good but then didn’t hurt either. Maybe it’s time to try again!


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