Pendulum – A Collaboration

Having done one collaboration with Hasty Words, she was keen for me to take part in a writing collaboration (in the last post I simply provided an image to which Hastywords provided verse).  So in this collaboration Hastywords provided verse to an image I had taken and I added further verse. Hastywords is an absolute gem to work with and a great prolific writer of verse, just publishing her own book.

No doubt you will be able to identify the two styles.

The Clock


To see more of Hasty Words’ creativity please go over and see her blog by clicking this link ‘Wonderful Verse‘.  Why not join up with myself or Hastywords for a collaboration and see what it is all about? Or why not visit my Collaborations Page? Let’s combine ideas in a fun way!

15 thoughts on “Pendulum – A Collaboration

    1. That is so good of you to comment. It is fair to say that Hastywords is the talent on the writing but I can relate to a lot of her stuff so it becomes relatively easy for me to write with her. MM 🍀 (If you haven’t done so go and check out her blog)


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