Collaboration – A Shadow of Myself

The latest collaboration sees me team up with Dale, which has resulted in two posts, one on my own blog and one on DalesDelectables (not surprisingly Dale’s blog).

The challenge was set: Each of us had to take a picture on Friday 20th September 2013 and mail it to the other for accompanying words. So here on my site we have my words to Dale’s image and if you pop on over to Dale’s site you will be able to see the image I gave to Dale and her accompanying word’s (click on ‘The Chair‘ for direct link to post). Both of the posts are being published on Friday 27th September 2013, though the time may vary.

So now to my collaboration. The words I chose to put to Dale’s image are inspired by my godmother who passed away on Friday 13th September 2013, having suffered a severe stroke two years ago. She was a strong guiding light and I have much to thank her for. May she rest in peace.

A Shadow of Myself


Image by Dalesdelectables

Words by Meticulous Mick
Words by Meticulous Mick

Thanks to Dale for being such a charm to work with. If you like the idea of doing a collaboration then why not check out my Collaborations Page and get in touch.

18 thoughts on “Collaboration – A Shadow of Myself

  1. A sad time MM, but such a moving tribute to your Godmother with those words.
    It resonates with me as I recall a time now long gone but never forgotten .


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