County Colours

The gaelic field sports of hurling and football bring a lot of colour and rivalry between the 32 counties in the island of Ireland. In the last 10 years or so it has almost seemed a rite of passage for Kilkenny and Kerry to appear in an All-Ireland Final.  For Kilkenny this would be in hurling, while Kerry would be a footballing county.

Not many counties can claim to have a realistic chance of winning the hurling and football finals, but Cork would be one of them; football largely being played in the west of the County, where a fierce rivalry exists with those rowdy Kerry neighbours , while hurling would tend to prevail in the north and east of the County.

This year Dublin beat Mayo in the football final while Cork were lucky to escape with a draw against Clare in the hurling final. Yes, no Kerry and no Kilkenny. The draw in the hurling final means that today Cork and Clare will do battle once more and hence all the colours and flags remain fluttering in the wind. For Cork, the Rebel County, this means red and white, while the Clare colours are yellow and blue.

Below is a collection of colours to be found near my house in Cork, predominantly red and white naturally.

Here’s to a victory for the Rebels.

11 thoughts on “County Colours

    1. No, gaelic hurling and gaelic football. The posts are like rugby posts, the ball round. In the case of gaelic football the ball is large like a soccer ball but hands are very much used in the sport – a bit like Aussie Rules Football.

      With gaelic hurling the ball is a bit bigger than a baseball while sticks (not too dissimilar to lacrosse / hockey sticks) are used to hit the ball down the field and block shots.

      Hope that helps. MM


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