Arthur’s Day

In 2009, Diageo (the owners of Guinness) invented Arthur’s Day to celebrate the 250th anniversary  of the birth of Arthur Guinness (and not of the founding of Guinness by Arthur Guinness as I had first thought). The successful ad campaign asked people around the world to raise a glass of guinness to toast Arthur at 17:59 on Thursday, September 24th.

It was such a success that they have promoted Arthur’s day on a Thursday late in September ever since.  Now this day in September has become another day in the calendar that emergency services dread, as people get carried away with raising glasses to Arthur. At some venues music is arranged to promote the day, but now many are hitting back at the drink fest that it has become.

Me myself will not be taking part – after all, I’m a Murphy’s man like. Bring back the old ads I say and let’s just leave it at that. Way more amusing.

A Proper Advert
A Proper Advert

The above sign can be seen in Kinsale, County Cork adorning the wall of a colourful pub, along with a sail from a yacht.

12 thoughts on “Arthur’s Day

  1. I will immediately venture to the goverment owned & managed Systembolaget to see if they sell Murphy’s. (As you might already know ordinary shops are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. The goverment keep us on a tight leash;-)


  2. Is Murphy’s a local brew? Or a flavorful pale ale? I’ve yet to acquire a taste for the black stuff and I can visualize the dread that accompanies rescue efforts. Good call (I think) on sitting this one out. 🙂


    1. The black stuff Guinness is what we would call stout. There are 3 main stouts in Ireland, Guinness, Murphy’s and Beamish. Guinness is Dublin based while the other two hail from Cork. I find Murphy’s a bit lighter and smoother than Guinness, but that may just be my own taste buds.


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