Versatility Award

Now that’s an excuse to open a beer, the nomination of the versatile blogger award from Petrel41. Not too sure where my versatility was picked up on, perhaps  that I could celebrate with a cup of tea, a beer, a cider, a glass of sparkling water, a fresh juice, red wine………. Or perhaps he has seen me floundering around trying to pull out a couple of words in different languages and found it highly amusing. Never-mind, I accept. Thank you kind sir. Petrel’s own blog features animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts, and much more. The articles are pretty interesting and highlight items we should all be aware of.

versatile blogger badge

Now comes the heavy bit, nominating 15 other bloggers for this award and putting up 7 interesting facts about myself. Let me start with the 7 “interesting” facts:

  1. I am a twin
  2. At school I had the nickname “Funky”
  3. Favourite Film: Local Hero
  4. Some of my favourite tipples include Caol Ila, Old Hooky and most red wines coming out of the Bleasdale Estate
  5. After I had problems with dodgy knees through skiing I took up snow boarding
  6. Got married in Ardanaiseig in Scotland
  7. My gavatar picture is taken from a painting on silk bought in Jaipur, India while on my travels

Now I know some people don’t like awards, see them as chain letters and that is fine by me. So if that is you, no problem, I understand and recognise that this trail will simply end here. However, I still wanted to include you on the list in order to highlight the worthiness of your own site.  So my nominations are:

  1. Top of the Tent
  2.  Let’s be Frank
  3. Hola Yessica
  4. Tuhkimon Tarina
  5. My Stomless Sky
  6. Love from Cornwall
  7. Sun Earth Sky
  8. Hasty Words
  9. Dina
  10. Africa Far and Wide
  11. Javier GM Photography
  12. Smithies Shutter
  13. Wabi Sabi Images
  14. Northumbrian Light
  15. Beyond Lisbon

For those that accept just do as I have done! And yes, I know I need to update my Blogroll on the ‘About’ page

Thanks to all those that follow my blog and particularly those that leave comments.

Meticulous Mick 🍀

18 thoughts on “Versatility Award

  1. Now, you see, I thought the gravatar was from a portrait of you! Thank you so much for the nomination – I’m delighted to accept it. Nominating another 15 versatile bloggers is no problem whatsoever – the 7 interesting facts might be more of a challenge … 🙂


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