Tamar Otter Gallery

Despite the rain and the very dull conditions I did my best to get a few shots of the otters at the Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre. So I have cobbled together a short gallery which I hope you like. The Centre is in Cornwall, England. Enjoy.

For those sharp eyed followers you will note no watermark. My free trial with Pixillion is Β is up, but will not renew as it is off to get Lightroom 5 which includes a watermark feature. Plenty of playing to look forward to!

13 thoughts on “Tamar Otter Gallery

    1. Oh they are definitely not sweet and cuddly that’s for sure. The teeth reflected in the water show just what you could be letting yourself in for. When not asleep in their holt they are though very playful. MM πŸ€


  1. Ahhh, they have such personality!! Thanks for the wonderful post! There was one fellah that looked a bit “cranky”. Probably wasn’t in the mood for company…


  2. I love watching otters.
    They are like little children and always on the move (unless lying in the sun sun baking).

    Nice photos, MM – especially that front-on shot on the bottom left hand side.


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