Where an Inch is more than a Mile

From the heading you can probably guess that today’s photo comes from here in Ireland. Inch can be found on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry and possesses a beach reputedly more than two miles long, hence the title.

Inch Strand
Inch Strand

In the distance of the photograph you can see the Iveragh Peninsula where the famous “Ring of Kerry” is to be found.Β This is all on the West Coast of Ireland, the side that gets battered by the Atlantic waves. For me anyway, west is best.

19 thoughts on “Where an Inch is more than a Mile

  1. Lovely beach.
    Whenever I see a nice beach photo like this, it reminds me of family holidays when I was young.


  2. I traveled the west coast of Ireland a couple of years ago, it was stunning! Ireland is beautiful and I hope to see more of it soon. The Ring of Kerry is so scenic and the wohle Country ist ideal for photography. Love your shot and the vast solitude on the beach.
    Love Dina


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