Four Little Charmers

India is a place full of colour and full of smiles. It is said that there are are two types of traveller, those that hate India and those that fall under its beguiling spell. I firmly fall into the latter and all because of the people. Where else can you go and arrive in a city and that same evening get invited to a wedding (though my friends will tell you I have a talent for the latter) ? So from a trip made in 2006 I give you four little charmers smiling their way through life in Madurai.

Charming their way through Life
Charming their way through Life

29 thoughts on “Four Little Charmers

  1. Even the one was watching directly to you has an incredible unselfconsciously. I think is one of the most incredible countries for those of us who like to capture moments. I was 2 months ago on business trip but I had opportunity to shoot a bit.


  2. my homestate of Tamilnadu where Madurai is a historically renowned place of Dravidian & Tamil language origin!! Could see Tamil posters behind & the flawless laughter in their warmth simple outlook…the dresses they wear are called Half-sarees & Paavada-sattai:| an xtra info for u Mick, thanxx fr this nostalgic piece


    1. Thank you for the extra info to add more to the picture for myself and others and glad my photo made you smile. We journeyed from Chennai to Kumily before hitting the coast of Kerala. A great trip and every now and then you might see another photo from this trip……MM πŸ€


  3. Here goes about the lovely girls (left to right): 1) Really? 2) Welcome & please like me. 3) I can’t believe this & am embarrassed… 4) This is so great! – Terrific photo, MM!


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