By the Seaside

Thought I’d come closer to home for today’s post. The forecast was poor, but the Hound needed exercise and I thought I’d throw in the camera as I headed to a new path near Kinsale. There were great seaside views of Charles’ Fort which would have been brilliant catching the sun’s rays  on the fort’s star shaped structure. Alas there was no sun and no rays, the light very dull and the camera stayed snug inside the ruc-sac. Having walked along the shore, driftwood caught my eye, a scattering of shells, seaweed purses and rock pools. The camera was out as the Hound roamed around exploring the rocks and beaches. Amongst it all was this imperfect daisy standing out against driftwood and shingle.

Imperfect Beauty
Imperfect Beauty

The walk included a shipyard, a naval vessel, a trawler, historic fort, flowers, rock pools and enough to make one drool. Imagine had the weather been good!

16 thoughts on “By the Seaside

  1. Lovely way to spend some time Mick 🙂
    How marvellous to be so close to such a natural pleasure giving simple environment ….


  2. Lovely image of the daisy.

    (Same thing happened to me – between yesterday & today. Overcast & darkish mostly yesterday. Overcast, but mostly light today. Feet are too sore to go out two days in a row though, so today’s great photography light had to go to waste.)


      1. The Sun is not shining on us.For us, it is cloudy.Almost grey.
        Wish you have a nice Sunday.
        Sincerely Andrea


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