A Tassle or Two

Now firstly I have to admit I am stalling. I am wanting to do a further series on The Quarry, especially before it gets cleared out, but I need to plan this and capture what it is that I want to show to you all. For the moment please be patient on this. The one thing I can say is that it seems to be attracting more and more attention as yesterday I met a lady from the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) who was undertaking a butterfly survey in its cauldron. This delighted The Hound as he had a playmate for a good frolic in the long grass, the lady having brought along a puppy like 2-year old collie.

Now to the picture for today, the headdress of the Red Dao. Not the best of photos (background insufficiently blurred, plastic bag brutal…) but having had requests for more of the Vietnamese photos (all shot on my bridge camera) I thought I would put up a few more – Kerri, I hope these give you inspiration to head up to the very north of the country. The Sa Pa, Bac Ha area is well known for a large mix of different ethnic tribes with their own traditional dress. While inevitably more western clothes are being worn, many still keep to the traditional way of dress, even the young.

Red Dao

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