Pitigliano – this place Rocks

In the south of Tuscany you will find a treasure of towns hewn out of the rock and dating back to Etruscan times, which for people like me means pre-Roman times. Put simpler, a very long time ago.  We stayed just outside Pitigliano for a few days and I just loved this little town set on a rocky outcrop. Below the town are a number of old Etruscan ‘roads’ which are essentially deep cuttings in the rock, allowing an almost unseen road. The whole place is magical with good restaurants, cobbled walkways and a charm all of its own. It may not be the archetypal Tuscan image, but why should that matter?

I am now back off holiday, but have a backlog of things to do, so for now some more ‘holiday’ posts will ensue. Hope you like them.

One of the jobs was to put a watermark on photos – you will see that this has now been achieved on this picture using ‘pixillion’ (which is free). The only trouble is I could not put the full title ‘Meticulous Mick’ on it and ideally I wanted to also include a shamrock / 4 leaf clover. Anybody got any good suggestions for me? Thinking of getting ‘Lightroom 5’ is that on there?

Pitigliano Panorama
Pitigliano Panorama

Well thanks for all comments while I have been away.

4 thoughts on “Pitigliano – this place Rocks

  1. I’d love to visit this town. Looks like my kinda’ holiday. Historical ruins or walled medieval towns just fascinate and keep me entertained for hours/days. Shame we don’t have this sort of thing in Australia.


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