The Tomato Challenge – Result

We have a break through result and it has turned into a bit of a hammering. The original bet was detailed in my post, The ‘Tomato Challenge‘ back in May. Since then the Sage has constructed a special glass frame for his cosseted plant and to keep the plant company a further tomato plant was purchased (see ‘Time to get Serious‘). Meanwhile my plant stood all lonesome in my back garden and in retaliation for the moves of The Sage I wrapped my plant in a large clear plastic bag (normally used as a recycling sack) and fed it some tomato plant food.

My plant had the first tomato, then there was the shenanigans of The Sage (as reported in ‘The Sage or Dick Dastardly‘) and then temperatures dropped.

Well below is a photograph of the winner, still green but reaching the critical diameter test to win the bet. As can be seen there are a number of tomatoes in the background on the same plant, so reserves were also in hand. As for The Sage, he has ripped up his competition plant while the stronger plant remains. This plant has plenty of blooms but alas not a single fruit has emerged to date.

The €5 Tomato
The €5 Tomato

Now for the really difficult part of the task – extracting the money from The Sage. Perhaps a name and shame punishment if he fails to deliver. Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “The Tomato Challenge – Result

  1. Congratulations and well done,MM. See…..honesty does pay off in the end, even if you do not receive the agreed 5 euro, the tomato is definitely worth it’s weight in gold !! I bet you will definitely enjoy it’s taste when you have taken numerous photos and put them up on your wall (real wall at home), for all to see 😉


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