Firework Finalé

Well that’s it for now, having to down keyboard and mouse and take a bit of time out along with the Hound and the Wife. Will be back in a wee while but for now I have set up a few posts from previous holidays to keep you entertained. Enjoy, see you soon, até já, adieu……………

The firework explosion below is once more from the back garden.

Full Starburst
Full Starburst

9 thoughts on “Firework Finalé

    1. Afraid not, though I do have some agapanthus in my front garden, sadly now all past their prime. These are a type of floral alium but I know not which! the important thing is that I like them. Hope all has been good these past couple of weeks. MM 😀


  1. Firstly I thought you were closing down the computer because of thunder and lightning, then I read on. The fireworks explosion is fabulous ! Have a good time out with “herself” and the hound. Just stay out of the tornadoes path while out walking 😉


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