Whether seen individually or in great swathes. montbretia is a welcome site in the garden or the wild. The way the buds hang down reminds me of plants seen in the tropics, while its flame orange colour brightens up any day. In the photo-gallery below I include a couple of close-up shots taken in the back garden, where the montbretia are getting nice and wild. For the genuinely wild I take you to Brandon on theย Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, right in the West of Ireland where the montbretia swathe has completely changed the view.

19 thoughts on “Montbretia

  1. Safia, thank you so much for such complementary words. In taking a few pictures and throwing them on this blog I think that is exactly what I am trying to achieve; to highlight everyday beauty. Will be looking at your blog later this week as just back from holiday – hope all is good with yourself. MM ๐Ÿ€


  2. Lovely – you turn the common into something wonderful. BTW – I’m starting to recognise your work as I scroll down my Reader! Safia (still struggling with understanding pixels and thinking about changing her WordPress theme)


  3. That has to be one of the prettiest wildflowers I have ever seen! Love seeing it growing along the water. I’ve never seen anything quite like that on this side of the pond in New England!


  4. How pretty the red flowers look on the coastline. Thanks for including a close-up – don’t know the flower at all.


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