All Gone Quiet

Well it has all gone a bit quiet on here and apologies if I take a bit of time getting back to you on comments etc, but it has been far from quiet up on the plot.  Spent much of the weekend dodging the showers, intermittently getting baked by the sun and reaping the rewards of all that digging, sowing, weeding and words of encouragement. The Sage continues to be proud of his spuds and is taking a bit more of an interest in this blogging lark now that he is such a star.

According to the Sage, though clearly I have to be more circumspect about what passes his lips, the rhubarb should only be used up until the end of July. So I harvested a good few stalks, chopped them up and put them in the freezer ready for use in the coming months.  The freezer really comers into its own at this time of year when the garden is hitting its heights of production.

Rhubarb for the Freezer
Rhubarb for the Freezer

Well I have got more packaging up to do, so better get on with it – and there’s the Hound to exercise too.  Talking of four legged animals, saw my first mink at the weekend down a track in the bog. For a few seconds it just froze there, surprised to see us, before diving into the long grass and down a steep bank. The Hound was a matter of a few feet away and didn’t even notice!

There’s lots more to come from here, including the result of the Tomato Challenge.

4 thoughts on “All Gone Quiet

      1. Thanks for the link to the recipe. I’ll give it a try sometime when I find some rhubarb available in a local grocery or farmer’s market. Now, if only I had my own garden, like yours.


  1. Yes, the freezer is a welcome wardrobe for all the gluts. I have one drawer full of little portions of peas and green beans already.Can’t wait for the results of the tomato challenge 🙂


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