St Finbarr’s Cathedral, Cork

From the bells of Shandon we move on to St Finbarr’s Cathedral which was at the end of my small ‘Lee-Side Walk‘.  The multi-spired Cathedral stands just to the south of the River Lee in the direction of University College Cork (which has its own wonderful cloisters) and Barrack Street, where it is claimed lies the oldest functioning bar in Cork.

Cork's St Finbarr's Cathedral
Cork’s St Finbarr’s Cathedral
Golden Angel
Golden Angel
Cork Spires
Cork Spires

13 thoughts on “St Finbarr’s Cathedral, Cork

  1. If you keep posting these beautiful images, including what appears to be lovely weather, I may have to revisit and accelerate my Emerald Isle travel plans. These are very nice, MM.


      1. Thanks for that Cathy, will have to do so. Unfortunately time was limited and it was a question of squeezing in a spot of photography around other errands. Will look to check out soon. MM 👍


  2. Wow, this is just so weird…….I just saw your post now, and an hour ago I was watching Nationwide which was all about Cork and St.Finbarr’s Cathedral was featured!!! Have you heard the old rumour that if the golden angel falls, the cathedral will revert to Catholicism ?


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