Flowers from Behind

When looking at anything we nearly always consider the facade and the facade only. In my post ‘Round the Back‘ I took a look at how the old brewery in Cork appeared behind the ornate black and white facade. Here I take a look at a couple of flowers from the rear. We assume that all the beauty is to the front (e.g. a clock, a building, a flower) but sometimes it is worth just looking round the back too. You might be pleasantly surprised. In the two photos to this post I take a look at the back of a couple of flowers. Try changing your view.

Red Dalhia
Red Dahlia
Petunia Veins
Petunia Veins

8 thoughts on “Flowers from Behind

  1. Lovely photos, MM – especially the red Dahlia. I love the waxy look on top of the stem.

    I have certainly taken the odd photo of the rear end of a flower, but the best ‘rear’ was the back of a male Peacock with it’s feathers spanned wide open. The rear is fascinating and just as beautiful as the front.


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