Morning Blues in Cork

The following photos were taken on the same morning as ‘Cork Blues‘ and ‘Lee-side Walk‘ in what proved to be a very blue morning in Cork City. The first two shots feature the pedestrian bridge over the River Lee to Grand Parade  (that was pictured in Lee Side walk).  At the back of these shots you can see the concrete tower on the old brewery site. The final shot is taken on the road bridge by the decaying Beamish & Crawford brewery and features St Finbarr’s Cathedral, Cork.

Footbridge to Grand Parade
Footbridge to Grand Parade
City Refections
City Refections

Cathedral View, Cork

31 thoughts on “Morning Blues in Cork

      1. Phew. . . I was worried they might have baled !

        I will never forget seeing shades of green I had never seen before and never imagine possible!


    1. Hopefully it may therefore be the first of many trips. It’s nothing special, just ordinary things to raise the awareness of everyday beauty. Many thanks for your kind comments. MM 😃


    1. Coimbra, Porto, Lisboa, Dublin, Cork, Limerick. When I think about it most of the old large cities are built on rivers, the natural arteries that they are. Bom fim de semana, MM 🍀


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